Who is Alfa Romeo?

A History of Alfa Romeo in San Antonio, TX

A History of Alfa Romeo in San Antonio, TX

Alfa Romeo has a long history, beginning in 1910 (although its origins date back to 1906) in Milan, Italy, when Italian aristocrat Ugo Stella renamed his plant “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili” – A.L.F.A. The first vehicle to come off the production line was a 24-horsepower, single block 4.1-liter engine, single drive shaft, and it reached a maximum speed of 62 mph.

In 1914, Alfa came out with the first automobile to feature a twin spark ignition, the Alfa Grand Prix, which reached a top speed of 87 mph. It was designed to be a competitive sports car.

During the First World War, Alfa lacked the funds needed to convert its manufacturing. An electrical engineer from Naples, Italy – Nicola Romeo – purchased Alfa and began producing airplane engines and portable compressors. The firm's new badge read “Alfa-Romeo Milano”. Automotive production ceased during the war, and in 1918, the company was officially registered with a new take on its name: Alfa Romeo.

After the war, Alfa Romeo resumed production of cars, and the Grand Prix began to turn heads in a series of races in the early 1920s. Stuck in a string of second-place finishes, the legendary Alfa Romeo race car driver, Ugo Sivocci, painted a “Quadrifoglio” (a four-leaf clover) on the front of his Alfa Romeo vehicle for good luck. His luck turned, and he finished in first, which marked the start of Alfa Romeo's racing successes.

The tradition of the four-leaf clover began after Sivocci tragically lost his life – in a car without a four-leaf clover. All future Alfa Romeo race cars bore a four-leaf clover on a white triangle, with the missing corner symbolizing Sivocci's death.


In 1939, after a long lineage of racing wins, Alfa Romeo began building a new engine factory in Pomigliano d'Arco near Naples, Italy. Down the road, the first Formula 1 World Championship was won by Alfa Romeo in 1950. After their first win, Alfa Romeo once again had a long line of wins, including several Formula 1 World Championship wins.

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